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Advanced Online Business 

Our integrated database system is designed to not only manage your website contents, but to also manage your business online, from one central Online Business Console with one central integrated database for your website contents (CMS) and for your Customers Relations Management (CRM). The Online Business Console is designed to accommodate every potential business administration need. Most businesses don't need every feature our system offers. After determining which of the many possible features and tools will best serve your company to grow, you pay only for the tools you need.  Give yourself a break, call us today.

One Control For Business And Website

Our integrated system will enable you to manage your own website contents and your customer databases without a programmer. Aside from building as many new web pages as you please, you will have access to many tools for building traffic, acquiring new customers and for cultivating customer loyalty. You can switch back and forth between your customer database and your web page interfaces. You can create communities with forums, build an audience with blogs,and make secure areas where members can control their own content. You can do so much more with our integrated database system that you really should take the time to go through all the tours we've provided. As soon as you feel ready, contact us for a free trial demonstration.

Capture Leads By Staying In Touch

Our business tools are set to help you react either immediately by auto responder or by drawing your attention to customer activities on your website. You get smart web forms that notify you instantly by email and SMS whenever a customer or new visitor takes any action on your web site.

By using a point and click approach you can build custom web forms that capture every inquiry into a your management database, so you'll never lose a lead and always be immediately notified of enquiries and activities on your site.

Know Your Customers - Knowledge Is Power

With your central Online Business Console, your automatic expandable database instantly records every inquiry, every purchase and every action taken by every visitor and puts the data into each individual customer's record.

You get an up to date and accurate profile of every customer and how they've interacted with your website from your Live Feed Reports which is automatically generated from your database.

Build And Manage Your Online Store

You can easily set up an online e-commerce store and sell products in a matter of minutes with your Online Business Console management features. From your Online Business Console you can set your online store to sell physical products with fully integrated taxes and shipping charges, or you can sell eProducts for automatic download after payment is made.

You can choose to automatically sell products, fulfill orders, collect payments and even manage your inventory levels with email notices and automatic inventory re-ordering.

Send Your Own Custom Newsletters

The most valuable customers you can ever have are the ones who have already dealt with you. Staying in touch with your existing client base by Email Newsletters is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing available to a business owner. Each Newsletter can be personally addressed to each subscriber like "Hi Jennifer" or "Hello Mr. Patel".

Using your Online Business Console, you can send individual group Newsletters and other email campaigns to specifically targeted lists of customers that you've extracted and saved as a separate list in your database.

Maintain Executive Control

As soon as you log in to your Online Business Console you're greeted with an instant overview of how your business is tracking using 4 KEY metrics. From each of the four KEY metrics you can drill down deeper into detailed reports on your website performance, your marketing campaigns, your visitors and your e-commerce performance.

So what's the next step?

That's the easy part.

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