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We’re very impressed with the results of our new web site by Advanced We bought the full service package with Search Engine Optimization. We were amazed to see that 6 months after starting the SEO, our book sales quadrupled. They have been growing steadily each month since. Fantastic!
Doug K.
We knew we needed to reach search engine users, when our traditional sources of referrals, like the phone book were no longer delivering the new leads we were accustomed to. From the results we got from SEO, obviously way more people are searching for suppliers online than in the phone book or newspapers. Your advice really helped a lot. Thank you
It took us a long time to make up our minds to do search engine optimization on our site. Once we decided to go ahead, it took even longer to choose an SEO company. There are so many companies offering different SEO services, it was difficult to sort through it all.

Page 1 search engine results on our major key words has generated a steadily increasing flow of interested shoppers. Advanced Websites would NOT guarantee page 1 results, but they delivered it. I guess that's where the ethical part comes in to play. We're very satisfied. Best wishes.
Bernice Silver
Getting targeted leads from search engines is what SEO is all about. Adding SEO to our Websites was the most effective advertising investment we’ve ever made.
Topedahill Publishing

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